Track & check servicing

Track and Check servicing

Once we have agreed your schedule:

  • Installation and completion of our simple paperwork including Duty of Care certification will be arranged.
  • Your planner will conveniently show you when we are scheduled to call.
  • Every time we service your site, your operative will politely sign / obtain a record of the visit.

You can be assured you are absolutely getting the servicing you are paying for, and that provision is both appropriate and adequate for all your needs, including compliance with Duty of Care responsibilities.

  • Your operative will discreetly and hygienically service clean bins within individual cubicles, leaving
    them clean and fresh every time.

There will be no need for unsightly transporting of bins, to and fro, through any sensitive or public areas.

  • Your operative will discreetly carry away all offensive waste for safe disposal.

Reduce your risk of costly blocked toilets, caused by inappropriate flushing. Written records, risk assessments
and other health and safety issues surrounding working practices and responsible disposal, are also covered.